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Pumpkin Pie Made Easy

Just in time for the holiday season, we’ve taken to the Pace Reps Test Kitchen to quickly demonstrate how making pumpkin pie can be made easy and efficient using a Doyon dough sheeter and a RATIONAL combi oven.

Making the Perfect Pasta Dish Using a Rational Oven

Join Pace Reps’ very own Matt Bryant in the Test Kitchen to showcase just how incredibly easy it is to cook pasta in the sauce directly from a raw pasta state using the Rational Combi Oven. By eliminating the need to pre-boil the pasta, this quick and easy process saves significantly on the time and labor needed to cook large batches of any sauce-based pasta dish.

Earn More Dough with These Pizza Solutions

In honor of National Pizza Month, Pace Reps’ Tina Palumbo took to the Pace Reps Test Kitchen to showcase how easy it is to make your favorite pie using commercial kitchen equipment from Carter-Hoffmann and Doyon.

Making Hot Dogs In The Test Kitchen with Chef Dan

Join Chef Dan Metka in the Pace Reps Test Kitchen in Fairburn, Georgia as he gives a few cooking tips on how to cook delicious hot dogs in the RATIONAL Combi Oven.

How to Make Hummus with Robot Coupe

Ever wondered how to make your very own hummus? Well, Chris Pace has you covered with this easy-to-follow instructional video on how to make delicious hummus using the Robot Coupe Food Processor.

The EVOlution of the Fajita

Watch what happens when Pace Reps’ very own David Pearson & Ben Chastain head into the test kitchen for a fajita cooking challenge featuring the EVO ventless griddle. 

A Thank You To Our Local Restaurants

The entire team at Pace Reps wanted to show appreciation for their local restaurant community in this short video that showcases the efforts of restaurant workers who have continued to serve their customers during difficult times.