Product Index

Below is an alphabetical listing of the various types of products that we represent. For more information on a specific product, please contact us.

Air Screen Tray Line RefrigeratorsCarter-Hoffmann, Victory
Aluminum Racks (for Pans & Trays)Carter-Hoffmann, Winholt
Automatic SievesRobot Coupe
Back Bar CoolersBeverage Air
Bain Marie Warmers, Drop-In & Built-InAPW Wyott, LTI, Wells
Bakery Display CasesCiam
Banquet CartsCarter-Hoffmann
Bar EquipmentBeverage Air
Bar MobilesBeverage Air
Base and Plate Heaters (Health Care)Carter-Hoffman
Beer Dispensing EquipmentBeverage Air, U-Line (Mobile & Outdoor)
Belgian Waffle BakersStar, Wells
Beverage Centers (Undercounter, Mobile, Outdoor)U-Line
Blast ChillersBeverage Air, Desmon, Victory
BlixersRobot Coupe
Braising PansSouthbend
Bread CabinetsNu-Vu
Bread MouldersDoyon
Bread SlicersDoyon
Broilers, Infra-Red TypeSouthbend
Broilers, Radiant TypeBakers Pride, Southbend
Broilers, UprightSouthbend
Bun Grill ToastersAPW Wyott
Broilers, VerticalStar
Bun WarmersAPW Wyott, Star
Cabinets, Cook & HoldCarter-Hoffmann, Nu-Vu, Toastmaster
Cabinets, Heater-ProoferCarter-Hoffmann, Winholt
Cabinets, HoldingCarter-Hoffmann, Winholt
Cafeteria Décor PackagesLTI
Canopies, VentlessBakers Pride, Wells
Charbroilers, CountertopAPW Wyott, Bakers Pride, Lang, Southbend, Star, Toastmaster, Wells
Charcuterie CasesCiam, LTI
Cheese MeltersAPW Wyott, Bakers Pride, Lang, Southbend, Star
Cheese Warmer/DispensersStar
Chef Bases, RefrigeratedBeverage Air, Desmon, Victory
Chef Counters, CustomLTI
Chilling Baths (for Cook-Chill)TUCS Equipment
Chip WarmersCarter-Hoffmann
Chocolate Display CasesCiam
Clamshell Dual-Sided Cooking Tops, for GriddlesLang
Cold Food CountersLTI
Cold Food Pans, Drop-In TypeLTI, Wells
Combi OvensRational
Contact ToastersStar
Convection Ovens, CountertopAPW Wyott, Bakers Pride, Southbend, Star, Toastmaster, Wells
Convection Ovens, Free-StandingBakers Pride, Doyon, Lang, Nu-Vu, Southbend, Wells
Conveyor OvensStar
Conveyors, Dish & TrayLTI
Conveyors, Horizontal & Vertical (for Cook-Chill)TUCS Equipment
Conveyors, Tray Make-UpLTI
Cook-Chill Processing EquipmentTUCS Equipment
Cook & Hold CabinetsCarter-Hoffmann, Nu-Vu, Toastmaster
Cook TanksTUCS Equipment
Coolers & Freezers, Walk-InArctic Industries
Correctional Transport CartsCarter-Hoffmann
Countertop Cooking EquipmentAPW Wyott, Bakers Pride, Lang, Southbend, Star, Toastmaster, Wells
Countertop Deck OvensBakers Pride
Countertop Display MerchandisersAPW Wyott, Star
Countertop Warming EquipmentAPW Wyott, Toastmaster, Wells
Crisp 'N Hold Fried Foods Holding StationsCarter-Hoffmann
Custom FabricationLTI
Deck OvensBakers Pride, Doyon
Deep FryersBakers Pride, Southbend
Deli Display CasesBeverage Air, Ciam
Digital Menus & Messaging SystemsLTI
Direct Draw Beer DispensersBeverage Air
Disher Wells, HeatedWells
Dishwashers, Rack Conveyor TypeMoyer Diebel
Dishwashers, Door TypeMoyer Diebel
Dishwashers, UndercounterMoyer Diebel
Dish Tables, CustomLTI, Winholt
Disher Wells, HeatedWells
Display Cases (Bakery, Deli, Gelato, Chocolates, etc.)Ciam
Display Cases, WineOscartek, Victory
Display Refrigerators, Glass DoorBeverage Air, Victory
Display Warmers, CountertopDoyon, Star
Divider-Rounders, DoughDoyon
Dividers, DoughDoyon
Dome/Underliner Drying Racks (Health Care)Carter-Hoffmann
Dough Divider-RoundersDoyon
Dough DividersDoyon
Dough MouldersDoyon
Dough PressesDoyon
Dough Proofer/RetardersDoyon, Nu-Vu
Dough RoundersDoyon
Dough SheetersDoyon
Drawers, Food WarmingCarter-Hoffmann, Toastmaster, Wells
Drop-In Cold Food PansLTI, Wells
Drop-In Dual Temp Food WellsLTI, Wells
Drop-In Hot Food WellsLTI, Wells
Dry Aging CabinetsCarter-Hoffmann
Dry Waterless Food WellsWells
Dual-Temp Food Pans, Drop-InWells
Employee LockersWinholt
Enclosed Rotary Dish CartsCarter-Hoffmann
Finishing CabinetsCarter-Hoffmann
Food Holding BinsCarter-Hoffmann
Food Prep Tables, RefrigeratedBeverage Air, Desmon, Victory
Food ProcessorsRobot Coupe
Food Transport CartsCarter-Hoffmann
Food Warming DrawersCarter-Hoffmann, Toastmaster, Wells
Food Wells -- Hot, Cold, Built-In & Drop-InLTI, Wells
Freezers -- Reach-in, Pass-Thru & Roll-InBeverage Air, Desmon, Victory
Freezers -- UndercounterBeverage Air, Desmon, Victory
Fried Foods Holding StationsCarter-Hoffmann
Frost Top Units, Drop-InLTI, Wells
Fryers, CountertopAPW Wyott, Bakers Pride, Star, Wells
Fryers, Drop-InWells
Fryers, Floor ModelBakers Pride, Southbend, Wells
Gelato CasesCiam
Glass Door MerchandisersBeverage Air
Glass FrostersBeverage Air
Glass WashersMoyer Diebel
Glass Rack DispensersCarter-Hoffmann
Griddle Stand RefrigeratorsBeverage Air, Victory
Griddles, Chrome-PlatedLang, Southbend
Griddles, CountertopAPW Wyott, Bakers Pride, Lang, Southbend, Star, Toastmaster, Wells
Griddles, Drop-InWells
Griddles, VentlessEvo
Hand MixersRobot Coupe
Heater-Proofer Cabinets, MobileCarter-Hoffmann, Nu-Vu, Winholt
Herb Growing CabinetsCarter-Hoffmann
Holding Bins, Hot FoodCarter-Hoffmann
Holding Cabinets, Door-FreeCarter-Hoffmann
Holding Cabinets, MobileCarter-Hoffmann, Nu-Vu, Winholt
Hot Dog EquipmentAPW Wyott, Star, Toastmaster
Hot Food Display Cabinets, CountertopAPW Wyott, Star
Hot Food Wells, Drop-InLTI, Wells
Hot Plates, CountertopAPW Wyott, Bakers Pride, Southbend, Star, Toastmaster, Wells
Ice Cream Cases, Drop-InLTI
Ice Cream Dipping CabinetsBeverage Air, Oscartek
Ice Cream Display Cabinets, Glass DoorBeverage Air
Ice Machines, UndercounterU-Line
Ice Pans, Drop-InLTI, Wells
Induction Cook Tops, Countertop & Drop-InAPW Wyott, Wells
Induction RangesWells
Insulated WarmersAPW Wyott, Wells
Juicers, Fruit & VegetableRobot Coupe
Kiosks, Mobile Food ServiceLTI
Lockers, PersonnelWinholt
Lowerators, Plate & TrayAPW Wyott, LTI
Marine Cooking EquipmentLang
Menu Display SystemsLTI
Merchandiser Warming Cabinets, CountertopAPW Wyott, Star
Merchandisers, Glass Door RefrigeratedBeverage Air
Merchandisers, Open Air RefrigeratedBeverage Air
MicroGreen Growing CabinetsCarter-Hoffmann
Milk BoxesBeverage Air, LTI
Mixers, PlanetaryDoyon
Mixers, SpiralDoyon
Mobile Carts & KiosksLTI
Modular Holding CabinetsCarter-Hoffmann
Nacho MerchandisersStar
Oil Disposal CaddyWells
Open Air MerchandisersBeverage Air
Open Burner Cooktops, CountertopSouthbend, Star, Toastmaster, Wells
Outdoor Refrigeration SystemsU-Line
Oven/Proofer CombinationsDoyon, Nu-Vu
Ovens, ConvectionDoyon, Lang, Nu-Vu, Southbend
Ovens, DeckDoyon
Ovens, Revolving RackDoyon
Ovens, TabletopDoyon, Toastmaster
Overhead WarmersAPW Wyott
Oyster CookersSouthbend
Panini Sandwich GrillsStar, Toastmaster
Pasta CookersSouthbend
Pastry SheetersDoyon
Personnel LockersWinholt
Pie Merchandisers/DispensersCarter-Hoffmann
Pizza Deck OvensDoyon
Pizza MerchandisersStar
Pizza Prep Tables, RefrigeratedBeverage Air, Desmon, Victory
Planetary MixersDoyon
Plate DispensersCarter-Hoffmann, LTI
Plate Warmers, Shelf-MountedCarter-Hoffmann
Popcorn EquipmentStar
Pot Sinks, Custom FabricatedLTI, Winholt
Pot Washer System, Built-In (for Sinks)Wells
Proofer RetardersDoyon
Proofers, Reach-In & Roll-InDoyon, Nu-Vu
Proofing Cabinets, MobileCarter-Hoffmann, Nu-Vu, Toastmaster, Winholt
Pumps & WarmersAPW Wyott, Star
Pump-Fill Stations (for Cook-Chill)TUCS Equipment
Queen MarysCarter-Hoffmann
Rack OvensDoyon
Ranges, Heavy Duty SectionalSouthbend
Ranges, Restaurant SeriesBakers Pride, Southbend
Reach-In FreezersBeverage Air, Desmon, Victory
Reach-In RefrigeratorsBeverage Air, Desmon, Victory
Refrigerated Cold Food Pans, Drop-InLTI, Wells
Refrigerated Countertop ServerAPW Wyott, Star
Refrigerators, DisplayVictory
Refrigerators, Reach-In, Roll-In & Pass-ThruBeverage Air, Desmon, Victory
Refrigerators, UndercounterBeverage Air, Desmon, Victory
Rethermalizing CabinetsCarter-Hoffmann
Roller GrillsAPW Wyott, Star
Rounders, DoughDoyon
Salad Top RefrigeratorsBeverage Air, Victory
Salamander Broilers, Infra-Red & RadiantBakers Pride, Southbend
Sandwich GrillsStar, Toastmaster
Sandwich Top RefrigeratorsBeverage Air, Victory
Serving Counters, CustomLTI
Serving Counters, Fiberglass BodyLTI
Sheeters, Dough & PastryDoyon
Shelving, CantileveredWinholt
Shortening FiltersSouthbend
Sieves, AutomaticRobot Coupe
Slicers, BreadDoyon
Smoker OvensNu-Vu, Toastmaster
Soup Cookers & WarmersAPW Wyott, Wells
Spiral MixersDoyon
Starter Stations for Tray Make-UpCarter-Hoffmann
Steam KettlesCrown Steam Group
Steamers, Convection, Boiler BaseCrown Steam Group
Steamers, Convection, CountertopCrown Steam Group
Steam TablesAPW Wyott, LTI
Stick BlendersRobot Coupe
Stock Pot RangesBakers Pride, Southbend
Syrup Displenser, HeatedWells
Thermalizer CabinetsCarter-Hoffmann
Tilting SkilletsCrown Steam Group
Toasters, BagelAPW Wyott, Star, Toastmaster
Toasters, Bun GrillAPW Wyott
Toasters, ContactStar
Toasters, ConveyorAPW Wyott, Star, Toastmaster
Toasters, Pop-UpToastmaster, Wells
Tortilla GrillsAPW Wyott
Tortilla WarmersStar
Transport RefrigeratorsCarter-Hoffmann
Tray CartsWinholt
Tray Delivery Carts (Health Care)Carter-Hoffmann
Tray DispensersCarter-Hoffmann, LTI
Undercounter Beverage CentersU-Line
Undercounter FreezersBeverage Air, Desmon, U-Line, Victory
Undercounter Ice MachinesU-Line
Undercounter RefrigeratorsBeverage Air, Desmon, U-Line, Victory
Universal (Hot-Cold-Freeze) Food Wells, Drop-InLTI
Universal Ventless HoodsBakers Pride, Wells
Utility CartsWinholt
Vacuum Packaging SystemsHenkelman
Ventless Cooking SystemsBakers Pride, Wells
Ventless FryersWells
Ventless GriddlesEvo
Vertical BroilersStar
Vertical Cutter-MixersRobot Coupe
Waffle BakersStar, Wells
Walk-In Coolers & FreezersArctic Industries
Warming Cabinets, MobileCarter-Hoffmann, Nu-Vu, Winholt
Warming Cabinets, Reach-In, Roll-In & Pass-ThruBeverage Air, Carter-Hoffmann, Desmon, Victory
Warmers, Built-In & Drop-InLTI, Wells
Warmers, CountertopAPW Wyott, Wells
Water Meters Doyon
Water Treatment SystemsTerry
Wine Display Refrigerators, Reach-InCiam, Victory
Wine Refrigerators, UndercounterU-Line
Work Tables, CustomLTI, Winholt

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